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PRODUCT DATA of Inconel 625
MaterialInconel 625
Product DatasheetInconel alloy 625
General InformationInconel 625 is a solid-solution, matrix strengthened nickel-base alloy primarily for applications requiring good corrosion and oxidation resistance at temperatures up to approximately 980C and also where such parts may require welding.
Stress Corrosion StatusHigh Resistance to SCC: Table 1
Remark:in annealed state
Data Quality: Design Data
Bimetallic CorrosionCan be connected without any restriction to: 400 series Stainless steel
Can be connected in a non-controlled environment to the above and 300 series stainless steel, Ti and Ti-alloys, Cr, Cu, brasses, Cu-Ni, Al-bronzes, Si-bronzes,
Can be connected in a clean room environment to above and Ag, SnPb alloys, Sn, Pb, low C steel, Al-Cu alloys, Cd, Au
Needs specific measures: All others
Test:ECSS-Q-ST-70C Rev.1 Table 5.1
Data Quality: Design Data